Free Redwirez IR Library • Marshall 1960A • Celestion G12M-25s

Ah, the legendary Marshall 1960A. Pretty, ain't it? With its grill-cloth glistening in the bar-light as this beast muscles out power chords in an amaranthine haze of smoke, hot lights and adoring fans... this cab positively reeks of rock... the raucous, beer-soaked, unapologetic kind. Oh, and it sounds great, too.

It was the first cab we ever sampled and is still one of our favorites, so it seems fitting to release these IRs into the wild on Redwirez' birthday.

I know... we had you at "FREE" but here are some highlights just the same:
  • Loaded with four, well-traveled 25-watt Celestion G12M "Greenbacks"
  • 17 industry standard mics, so explore countless tonal possibilities:
  • AKG C414B-ULS
    Audix D6
    Audix i5
    Beyerdynamic M160
    Coles 4038
    Electrovoice RE20
    Heil PR30
    Neumann KM84
    Neumann U47
    Neumann U67
    Neumann U87
    Royer R121
    Sennheiser MD409
    Sennheiser MD421
    Shure SM57
    Shure SM7
    TAB-Funkenwerk SM57

    For you folks that already own this set, dont' worry, the newly updated paid version includes the mics above, plus a few more. Just hit your My Stuff page and download the library again to get the updates:

    DPA 4007
    Neumann U47FET
    Sennheiser MD441
    Unidyne III 545
    Earthworks TC30
    Neumann M7 on BLUE Bottle
    Neumann M8 on BLUE Bottle

    But, wait there's more!  In the paid version, we've added IRs of the G12M's impedance curve at varying degrees of prominince. These can be used to capture the effect of a tube amp interacting with the speaker. In general, tube amps have a higher output impedance than solid-state amps. As a result the speaker's frequency response is shaped to varying degrees by it's own impedance curve.
  • Up to 54 positions per mic for a total of 777 IRs (1048 in the paid version)
  • Uncompromising signal chain that won't add undesirable color to your sound
    Bryston 4B -> Cab -> Mic -> Neve 1073 or Earthworks 1022 -> Prism Orpheus
  • Edited for better phase coherence allowing you to mix multiple IRs
Please do NOT distribute this library in whole or in part. Yeah, it's free, but we still put a lot of work into it and it's distributed under the same license as the rest of our stuff. Please link to this page, don't post the archive yourself. Gracias.

One more thing, don't be offended if you ask us a question about these IRs and we don't answer you. We're known for our great customer support, but we're a tiny company, so we need to focus our time and energy on our paying customers. They're the ones who keep us knee deep in speakers and cabs and for that we are truly grateful. Thanks guys!

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Don't forget to check out our products. We have 48 more cabinet IR libraries besides this one and more on the way.

Our BIGBox series captures the tone-shaping capabilities of some of the world's most well-loved speaker cabinets. We set out to capture the magic of giant wooden boxes, with strategically placed holes, stuffed with insanely loud cone-shaped bits of mayhem, and glued together with the blood, sweat and tears of three generations of rock gods, grunts, and goram contenders... and by Dumble I think we've done a pretty good job.

Well, there you go. We wanted to keep this page short, but brevity is not our thing, I guess. Check 'em out and enjoy!

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